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Best clubs in Odessa Ukraine and meeting girls there (TOP 6)

Where to party in Odessa

Odessa girls are now famous in all over the world. But what do we actually know about this sunny city situated on the seaside? Yes, it is full of nice beaches and fashionable nightclubs, but no one will ever give you the exact statistics about them. They are growing literally like mushrooms, changing their name and location every season, and it’s not easy to fully follow that process.Odessa people party

However, we will try to update you regarding the best nightclubs in Odessa and provide you with some tips and tricks you won’t find anywhere else. Here we go!

  1. Atlantic. It’s probably not the very first club you are normally recommended to visit, but it should be the first one. It’s actually a complex that includes a hotel, a karaoke club, a nightclub, and a wonderful restaurant with delicious cuisine. All of the above is perfect although not cheap. You are going to love the nightclub, the design and music there, and surely the women of highest quality who attend it. Atlantic is situated in a few steps from Arcadia beach.
  2. Ibiza. It’s impossible to avoid Ibiza while visiting Odessa. You will hear about it everywhere, and after all, Arcadia beach starts from this nightclub. You will surely go there. However, you should be extremely careful. First, take some local citizen with you so that he explains any misunderstandings to you. Second, take a few thousands of UAH with you, otherwise you are going to have problems for nothing on every step. Waiters and frankly dangerous securities even demand huge tips by threatening you and never return your payment if the concert is cancelled. If you miraculously have some good rest there without any problem, you are going to see many escort girls, many Bimbos with big tits and eyelashes, and many Turkish guys who will take you for their competitor.
  3. Flirt. This place on Marshala Govorova street is actually a striptease club, but we recommend it as a nightclub and surely a much better one than Ibiza. First of all, it’s safe even for foreigners which rarely happens in Odessa. Secondly, it’s very inexpensive! For the same amount you would spend on Ibiza, you are going to receive the maximum of attention from beautiful sexy dancers. The food and cocktails are affordable, and the music is good enough to dance all night long.
  4. True Man. This legendary beach club in Arcadia offers the rock dance music and tasty inexpensive meals. Just like in Ibiza, securities behave strangely or rudely sometimes and you never know which restrictions they are going to apply, but low prices and nice local girls shall compensate all inconveniences.
  5. Artshat Hall, or Ministerium. This complex situated in the city center, consists of the hotel, restaurant, karaoke, and nightclub with live concerts and DJs. Many single Odessa girls are coming here exactly with the purpose of meeting a foreigner. There are some escort girls too so you should define what exactly you want for this particular evening.
  6. Port. Port is another place many people don’t know about. But it’s a perfect nightclub for meeting a single girl who likes electro-music and enjoys your attention. Accordingly to its title, it is situated close to the harbour, on Primorskaya street. Good cocktails, friendly personnel, and acceptable prices will make a pleasant difference.

best nightclubs in Odessa

How to pickup Odessa girls in the nightclubs

Let’s clarify that girls are coming to Odessa nightclubs for different reasons. You should treat each type differently and that is your key to success!

  • Independent escort girls and agency escorts are coming there to get rich clients. Don’t think that you can be granted a discount thanks to your charming eyes and a big smile: no, it’s a cruel business. You should deal with escort girls only through their managers online, and always check for positive reviews from other clients. If you meet them spontaneously in the club, you will only be fooled and maybe even robbed.
  • Professional daters and hunters for foreigners are usually Bimbo girls seeking a sugar daddy. They often have several sponsors and look for new ones. How to recognize them: by iPhones of the last version, D&G purses, 3D fake lashes, and still they want even more luxury. The trickiest ones have old broken phones with them, the old modest purse, cheap makeup, and they look at you with those sad eyes complaining about their family problems or relocating from the war zone in Donetsk. Watch out! You want a lover but you don’t want a scammer.
  • Single girls focused on foreigners, is a mixed group where you rarely find beginners. They always seek your attention first and show this with all their body language. Not every girl of this kind is a wife material, but both of you want a profitable affair so you can make a deal and be frank and open in your desires. For example, if you just buy her meals and a few dresses, she will most probably be with you for the whole vacation.
  • Single girls focused on local men, are a harder prey to catch but you can surely make them change their mind. Your gallant manners, polite courtship, big smile, ordering a lot of food and drinks certainly matter. She just needs to make sure you’re safe, and after a few cocktails she can be yours. Ukrainian girls should be seduced and satisfied in a very special way, but if you are studying their mentality and reactions, you will eventually succeed.

Many single Odessa girls

How to have fun in Odessa Ukraine

It can be said that Ukrainians do not party in a way Americans do, and Odessa people party differently than the rest of Europe.

If you want to assimilate well and have fun just like local people, try to relax and take a few drinks. It’s better if you have a Ukrainian friend who you can trust, as he will be your guide and a reliable protector in strange situations. There can certainly be strange situations with bossy securities and drunk visitors of the club!

Do not fall a victim of every beautiful girl you see. Rather observe and enjoy their looks. Take your time and analyze all the girls and female companies you see around. The best is to hunt for a girl who isn’t hunting for you.

If it’s a Birthday girl and you don’t see any guy beside her, things are even easier. Just order a few bottles of champagne for the whole company! They will be impressed for sure. Even if the target girl appears to be taken, some another one may want to thank you personally. Just be friendly and able to struggle with the language barrier.

Nightlife in Odessa varies from club to club but its main trait is moderation. It isn’t chaotic and criminal like it used to be back in 1990s. It isn’t too open-minded and sex-focused like in Germany and some other countries. It isn’t too drunk like in Scandinavian countries. It’s exactly moderate and girls are expecting a good treatment in any condition. That’s also why they are searching for a foreigner with better manners and potentially bigger budget than local men.Where to party in Odessa

If you met a girl through the dating app, it’s better not to arrange the first date in the nightclub. It’s understandable that she will be too cautious and bring some official interpreter or a bodyguard with her, if she comes at all. Arrange your first date for the day time.

But once you met a new girl in the nightclub, it changes everything. The limits and borders are somewhat erased because the night is such a mysterious time and the two of you are a bit drunk already. You both need to take your stresses and worries away so you’re already prepared for some pleasant flirting and hopefully, sex. This perfect mutual condition increases your chances a lot!

Do not use the same pickup techniques as you do with Western girls. Odessa women are more delicate, educated, sensual, but also a bit less independent: they do need a man’s support in their life. If you give them hope you’re exactly the complete provider they have been looking for, they will take a risk and get involved with you.

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