Odessa girls and get an impression

How to become a pro in Odessa dating and pickup

What are Odessa girl about?

Dating Odessa beauties may seem challenging, especially for someone who never traveled to Slavic countries. But once you visit this nice beach resort, you’ll love Odessa girls and get an impression that you knew them for ages.

Some compare them to Latin American women, and you should know why. They aren’t naturally blond and pale like Russian or Polish girls; instead, they are tanned, equipped with the grace of a young tigress, intense and piercing glance, and guitar-shaped figures. In short, they are super exotic and hot!

Unlike in Europe or in biggest cities of Russia, girls here aren’t arrogant at all. They aren’t immature like their peers in the USA, either. You’ll find the most passionate and smart lover even in a 18 years old model, not talking about Odessa girls in their 20s. So you can safely travel to this sunny part of Ukraine and get all the pleasure it offers.

Odessa girls and get an impression

How to get acquainted with them?

Be creative, pro-active, and resourceful. Because of their beauty, Odessa girls are spoiled with guys’ attention since their youngest years, but Ukrainian men have zero fantasy. Their usual questions to unknown girls are: “What time is it?”, “Can I get your phone number?” And so on. Turkish men who visit Odessa a lot, make the same mistake.

It’s not a problem for you to compete with all of them, if you got brains and self-confidence. The last one, you should urgently develop if you want to succeed with Odessa girls!

Western men who meet Ukrainian women online, on dating sites and apps, often complain that gifts delivery is the most expensive feature out of all. And it’s indeed devastating for one’s budget. But do you know that flowers in Odessa are very cheap?

Flowers are everything for Ukrainian girls. Women over 30 need them for raising their self-esteem and feeding the dream about the old-fashioned romance, while young ladies need flowers for cool selfies. It’s especially fair for Odessa, the city of beaches and roses!

Little bouquets can be bought right on the streets, especially in the city center. They cost one or two dollars, literally. You can divide each bouquet into small flowers and present this piece of spring to each girl you pass by. Do this with a big smile. One of them will appear more thankful and talkative than the others, and you’ll get your Cinderella for night!Dating Odessa beauties

The trickier westerners do another thing: they play tragedy. You can follow their example and cry and beg each beautiful girl you see, to help you find your wallet, and once you two find it, she’ll get the half of the money in it. If you play well and your eyes are full of sorrow, she and her natural greed will not be able to resist. Just prepare the wallet in advance and put two banknotes there, 10 dollars each.

Search together as long as you can, touching her hand in tears and asking her personal questions, and then drop the hidden wallet on the ground when she’s distracted by something. To that moment, you should know her phone number already that you took “just in case”. Make sure you will meet again for dinner on the same evening! She’ll expect a bigger gratitude and come to check. That’s a cynical game from both parts, but who said men should always stay gentlemen?


How to meet them at nightclubs?

Odessa girls adore nightlife. Married Ukrainian women spend less time in bars and clubs than Russian milfs, but young girls rarely sleep at home. Odessa is so full of great restaurants and nightclubs, especially on the seacost. And all of them are crowded with beauties!

Of course, the majority of them are of Barbie type, Bambi type, or frankly the escort girls who are trying to get some relax after their stressful working hours. But maybe you have your own strategy for each type?

Anyway, if you prefer a bookworm from a library, it’s a wrong place!

At nightclubs, girls can be with their female buddy, with their boyfriend, with a company of girls, with a mixed company, and very rarely alone. Your best opportunity is when she’s with another girl or several women. Girls who came alone, are often professionals or just waiting for their husband to join them.

Odessa girls are very easy to start conversation with. Firstly, they speak good English, and secondly, they have an amiable and welcoming character. But girls in the nightclubs are somewhat different.Ukrainian women and Odessa girls

They have to protect themselves from strangers, at least for the first ten minutes; they are a bit drunk already and do not control their manners that well; finally, they came to a glam club and they want a glam life. If you are sure you can battle all of the above, along with the language barrier, you must give it a try.

Ukrainian girls can’t stand the direct sexual compliments and hints. They are more classical even if they look like a green-haired freak and have a cigarette in their mouth. Just offer her a drink in a nice and polite manner, that’s your lucky ticket to her bed!

Even if Odessa girl had an instant crush on you and drunk enough cocktail shots to get intimate, she is still going to think about your money. It’s just normal for them if you’re a foreigner. Tell her you have the gifts in your hotel room that you didn’t present to anyone. You can also say you’re leaving in a few days and too much of Ukrainian cash remains so you want to give it to her. In any case, it will be an extra motivation for her and most probably, she’ll join you on your way back.


How to satisfy your Odessa lover?

First of all, let’s clear it up whether you want to proceed with this girl or not. If you prefer one-night-stands, you should probably focus on your own pleasure, but if you want a girlfriend or a summer fling, it is advised that you put some more efforts.

Ukrainian women and Odessa girls in particular are demanding, sensual, and skilled lovers. You should be ready that they know everything about their G-spot, your prostate stimulation, and even some challenging positions from Kamasutra.

But of course, for the first night full of quick desire and alcohol, all that wisdom of centuries isn’t obligatory. Just make her moan in several ways and bang until she completely falls asleep, then repeat the same in the morning – and she’s yours for the whole vacation.Odessa are waiting for you

If you’re a thrifty guy or just limited in funds, compensate with erotic stuff: compliments, caresses, the most intense sex she ever had. You can help yourself with some natural stimulators or just seafood and pine nuts. If she isn’t in the mood, you can bring her to the right state in no time. Strawberries and mussels make women horny very fast, did you know that? There are lots of such products in Odessa supermarkets and it’s your emergency help number one.

It will be hard to avoid the gifts. But you can present only the items that please you too: a few pairs of lingerie or stockings, eatable lipstick, massage gel. Have fun, we live only once and Odessa girls know that!


How to switch to another girl

Summer flings are short and one-night-stands are even shorter. There are too many gorgeous girls in Odessa to dedicate all your time and sexual energy to only one. But how to get rid of her if she already likes you too much?

Just stop spending on her. It’s that easy. Stop inviting her to nice places and suggest to eat at McDonalds or Zharyu-Paryu cheap cafe several times a day. Oh, and tell her that you just had a call from your bank and someone robbed all the money from all your accounts. A girl will disappear in the air like a jinn.many gorgeous girls in Odessa

If a new girl you like, saw you with a previous girl, it isn’t a problem as long as you don’t have a wedding ring on your finger. It’s even healthy to go through some jealousy. Odessa girls like competition. Right after you broke up with your ex, say hello to your new muse. Be relaxed and confident. Tell her it was your female fan as you’re a popular singer, but you’re so tired of silly fans and you want a real girl. Tell her she looks like a girl from the painting you made a few years ago, and you’ll send her a photo of it later. It’s just one of the strategies that work, but if you have an honest one that is effective as well, go ahead. Hot beauty queens from Odessa are waiting for you!

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