How to find a lesbian hookup if you’re a bi-curious girl

The best apps for lesbian one-night-stands are Zoe, Lex, and Her. Many universal apps like Tinder are ok too. But how to behave there and how to get laid with a lesbian online dating if you’re a newcomer?

First of all, it is normal to be bi-curious. All modern experts are saying that. We are very biological and it makes no sense to be afraid of our instincts or deepest wishes. Relax and try it out.

  1. Be as attractive as you would be for a straight hookup. Express yourself brightly and look sexy, there’s nothing wrong with that and it raises your chances considerably.
  2. Be respectful but very confident and straightforward. Lesbians are all about self-confidence and strength, especially when it comes to the determination to have sex.
  3. Be proud of who you are and happy to be with a girl. If a person still has some worries and stereotypes about bi-curiosity, it’s always felt immediately. Show some pride.
  4. Do not arrange threesome hookups if they don’t want. Lesbian girls hate when the third person is involved without their consent. Be honest when you meet up for sex.

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