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How to please your Odessa lover: very special tips

The words you should never say to your Odessa lover

Ukrainian women are extremely desirable and at the same time, criticized by Western men. It happens that men have certain insecurities or a negative experience that prevent them from a proper courtship or applying their pickup skills. But it is absolutely necessary to apply those skills if you want to get a hot Odessa lover! You cannot skip this step completely and just pretend that a girl jumps on your lap instantly. Is she a cat, after all?..Odessa girl

So let’s see what you shouldn’t say to your future lover if you really want to seduce her:

  1. Do not try to insist that you already have the right for her body since you came from so far away. Would you have sex with someone just for this reason? You aren’t making love to all tourists who visit your city, right? She doesn’t want to be a sex guide either! Any demands and claims just aren’t sexy in your girl’s eyes. Instead, it looks like you’re forcing her. Do you think you could satisfy her this way?
  2. Presents, gifts, and money have nothing to do with sexual desire. Do not “test” her with the total absence of support and souvenirs, but also do not bribe her with crazy amounts of money or luxurious gifts. Learn her opinion first. If she thinks you both should save the funds for your future projects and marriage, she may like your careful attitude towards finances. If you saw the photos of her and her room with teddy bears, balloons, and heart-shaped stuff, she’s probably a princess type who enjoys gifts, so she will not understand your greediness. If you two are sincerely in love, and your realistic possibilities allow, it’s only natural to please her with the gifts then. In this case, her thankfulness may start from a kiss and go further.
  3. Do not be too suspicious about other foreigners or local men who seek her attention. It makes no sense to blame her all the time for something she probably didn’t even do. Also it isn’t exciting to start your conversation from that point. Even if you have got many competitors, you will gradually understand that by analyzing her behaviour and words. By blaming her directly, you reduce your chances to zero and you won’t get her into your bed.
  4. Do not be vulgar. It’s just that simple. Do not make dirty compliments, do not lick your lips with that silly eyes expression, do not slap or grab her butt when she is passing by. That’s probably ok in Germany, in Scandinavian countries, maybe even in a few regions of Russia, but not in Ukraine. Odessa girl will never want you if you behave like that.
  5. Do not discuss sex only, skipping your common plans for future. A Slavic woman is always a family being, a wife material even if she is young, immature, or tired after divorce. Maybe she wants only sex at the moment, but her mentality always demands something bigger. Discuss your future plans with her, make common projects for the future and you will see how passionate she becomes after such talks.

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How to make love to Odessa girl for the first time

If we talk about a “good girl” from Odessa and not about an escort girl, she certainly likes long courtship and romantic behaviour prior to making love. But you shall already know that trust is absolutely everything for a Slavic woman. It’s a key for an intimacy and closeness with them. They rarely make love to complete strangers like some of Western women. However, there are two ways to develop trust artificially:

    • Of course, it’s an alcohol. But it works in a way you want it to work, only in certain cases. If a girl is in a particular state of mind, it will help her to set herself free and enjoy the intimacy. It means, she should be either in a party mood or in the post-breakup state. Discover if it’s so. If yes, you have big chances to seduce her after a few cocktail shots!
    • If she prefers to be sober or you meet at some alcohol-free place, find out what her pain is about. Very young girls usually don’t have any pain aside of being keen on shopping. But mature girls and women may have pain connected with one of family members, a kid, some big dream or goal, etc. Play on that, or be sincere about that, and promise her improvements in this area. It will immediately create a bridge of trust between you and her. Just make sure she isn’t a scammer and it’s her real pain, not a created situation.

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Once you established this bridge of trust, take a chance with the first kiss. But you should feel the right moment for it and do it correctly.

If your Odessa girl is a bit drunk already and obviously likes you, the sudden long and passionate kiss that leads to undressing, is the best option. You can find a cosy corner for that even in the nightclub or on a beach nearby.

If a girl is sober and seems too classy even though she already trusts you, be romantic and slow but persistent: kiss her hand moving your lips up, then kiss her cheek moving your lips towards her ear, and finally, kiss a corner of her lips in a delicate manner. If she didn’t run away and reacted positively, give her a slow, deep, and very long French kiss with a tongue.

If it isn’t a public place, or even if it is, make a delicate research with your hands and check whether her nipples are hard. We do not recommend to check whether she is wet enough though, if you haven’t been lovers yet. It’s too forward for a modest Ukrainian girl. But if her nipples are hard indeed, it’s time to take her to the private place. Catch the taxi and use the moment: keep on talking on the topics that are pleasant to her, compliment her, whisper to her ear, do not slow down the passionate tension between you and her until you reach home.

Once you’re in your hotel room or your rented apartment, do not take her to bed directly. If it’s your first time, she might be a bit embarrassed and your good chances will be spoiled. Instead, bring her to the shower and wash her all over with the foam. You can “allow” her to do the same to your body and we promise she’ll be excited just like you. Make your first time spontaneous and unforgettable: have sex right in a shower. Keep on using the foam, massaging and licking her wherever the two of you desire. You are going to drive your Odessa girl crazy!

How to satisfy your Odessa girlfriend on a daily basis

All girls who are originally from Odessa, are very passionate. Let us give you a hint: even if you prefer blonde girls, do not search for natural blondes with blue eyes in Odessa. They will probably have “too Slavic” roots and be less passionate. True Odessa girls have got a crazy mix of genes: Greek, Jewish, Turkish, Romanian, plus Georgian or Armenian. This type of appearance isn’t light-haired and pale, quite the opposite. Once you found and picked up a hot dark-haired beauty, be sure she will set your bed on fire.

You cannot expect Odessa girl to be very passive or submissive in a bed. She likes action, and a lot of action!

If you excite her well enough, she enjoys being on top of you as well. But to make her take initiative, you should demonstrate her first that none part of her body is unimportant to you. Dedicate a lot of attention to all of her zones!

Odessa girls are also big gourmets since their home city is such a mix of different cuisines. You won’t find a girl here who likes plain sandwiches along with love making. Sushi from a restaurant aren’t obligatory either, but it should be a good light dinner with some fine red wine.

If you want a very special night, serve only the aphrodisiac food: mussels, oysters, snails, black olives, salads with Chili pepper, strawberries. It might be costly but prices in Odessa are lower than in your own country, and the result is worthy of every penny. Your girl will be happy about this delicious meal, and you will get all the profit out of its super exciting properties.

As you can see, seducing a girl in Odessa isn’t too hard, on the opposite, it brings fruitful nights and shockingly awesome moments.get a hot Odessa

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