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How expensive is Odessa Ukraine and meeting girls there?

How to get acquainted with Odessa girls cheaply

Travelling to Odessa is so popular nowadays. It’s the best sea resort in Ukraine since the Crimea has been cut out by Russia. It is less expensive than Croatia and Bulgaria, so tourists who like visiting this part of the world choose to spend their vacation here.

But, prices for coffee and clothes aren’t the same thing as prices for the whole process of acquaintance. Let’s see how much you spend on each stage of apps to meet Odessa girls

  1. If before flying to Odessa you use best dating apps to meet Odessa girls, you surely pay a monthly subscription – from $10 to $30. Mamba is cheaper, but male users’ reviews are mostly negative so it makes no sense to save funds with its help. Dating Odessa singles online can be free as well.
  2. For sure, when you get to Ukraine, you’re going to invite your chosen one somewhere for a tea or meal. Great restaurants are the best way to conquer a girl’s heart, but sometimes it only devastates your budget and makes her more arrogant. If you want to meet many girls and compare them, your choice should be a smaller place like Kompot on the main street where you just order some latte and a dessert, otherwise you’ll spend too much in total. Finally, if you’re meeting Odessa chicks through the local dating agency, it’s reasonable to arrange 5-6 short interviews with different girls in a row, with a light dessert for each. Seeking Odessa single girls online has its advantages.
  3. If you aren’t using any Internet sources or agencies’ help and rely only on your charm and experience, go to the nightclubs and you’ll meet your Miss Naughty in no time. There aren’t cheap nightclubs in Odessa currently, at least in popular districts. This city is in a high demand among tourists so it makes no sense for the owners of the entertaining business to make it less costly. You can, of course, go to Bono or Western club which are cheaper, as drunk schoolgirls happen everywhere and one of them will be adventurous enough for you. But a lower class of services will bring you the bad quality music, bad quality drinks, and less stylish girls so it’s up to you whether you want to save on this part of your journey or not. Cheap clubs charge $5 – $10 for the entrance and expensive clubs like Yo or Ibiza charge $15 – $20. Menu prices differ accordingly.
  4. Once you showed the miracles of your pickup skills and got a hot lover from Odessa, you can decide to keep her for one night only or to make her your girlfriend, at least for a vacation time. If it’s just for one night and she’s under the influence of alcohol, you spend nothing except her taxi home fees if you’re so kind. If you really like her, you get her mineral water, a good meal so she is getting sober, maybe some medicine against the intoxication and so on, but it’s just a question of a few dollars. If she becomes your girlfriend, that’s another story and you should get all your bank cards ready.

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Full-time dating Odessa girl and its cost

Old-fashioned gentlemen or beginners in international dating think they should do their best to comfort the girls and earn their trust, that’s why they keep on seeing them through the agencies only and paying to the interpreters hourly. It’s no surprise they quickly lose control over their money.

And here is why: only when a girl is motivated by hourly payment which they may share with an interpreter, she will do absolutely everything to spend the maximum of time with you. Early breakfast together, lunch together, long walks and attending expensive places together such as luxurious Bowling and Dolphinarium, late dinner together, even going to the nightclub together to stretch the paid hours even more.

For sure, men are touched by a so-called attention and start to spend extra money on her like taking her shopping, paying for her English lessons, buying a present to her mom. It motivates a scammer to dedicate literally 24 hours to you every single day until you leave, as she perceives this as her job. As a result, you spend all your vacation uselessly as the intimacy is absolutely excluded and she doesn’t even consider you a boyfriend. If that is the case, your trip wasn’t safe at all.

If you’re less gallant and more reasonable, you’ll find a girl on your own and start dating her. To make sure it’s real, you should arrange sex on the very first date. It’s normally possible only if you two met in a nightclub and had lots of cocktail shots together. A sober Odessa girl shall always prefer a long courtship.

Doesn’t matter if you got a naughty type or a lady type girl, you should learn how to satisfy her sexually. Odessa girls differ from other European girls and even from Ukrainian women. They are much hotter and demanding lovers who can make love literally non-stop, being in the right mood.

Best dating apps to meet real Ukraine girls

If you’re exactly after that, you should know that sexual motivation of Odessa girls is almost always connected with the money. And it’s not obligatory because they are materialistic. Some of them can be certainly bribed by shopping, but others are the victims of Slavic mentality. It’s the mix of Soviet traditional thinking and ancient Russian/Ukrainian views on men as warriors and providers. European and American influence recently added some immorality to their life values so expecting a gift or a monetary support from a man turned to confident demands.

If your girl isn’t a primitive type, bribe her in a sophisticated way, i.e. provide her the most romantic and interesting courtship she could imagine. Take her to the Opera House, to the concerts, to short trips.

The best Odessa girls do not expect something for themselves but for the others. You can melt their heart by buying some food to homeless dogs or by participating in charity. But we doubt you can meet this kind of girls in the nightclubs. Some of them can be met through dating apps, others in nice and modest places such as a Botanical garden or an Art museum. In any case, your payment capacity counts.

Since all your spendings excite her, you should use her inspired mood at the same moment or within one hour and enjoy all the benefits of it. Satisfying Odessa girls sexually is easy since they are over-sensual and multi-orgasmic.

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Is it pricey to be a great lover in Odessa?

Odessa girls are very seducing. It’s a fact. No wonder you want to break the distance and get intimate as soon as possible. But what to do when you already conquered her and you two became lovers? Here are some tips on how to reduce your expenses.

  1. She’ll stay with you if you present only symbolical gifts from time to time as she will keep on hoping for more.
  2. It’s ok to replace restaurants with home meals prepared together. Just don’t let her choose the products otherwise the bill will be much longer than in the restaurant.
  3. If she’s a colder type than you, physically, you may need extra stimulators such as natural strawberries, oysters, or let’s say an engagement ring. All items in this list are costly. That’s why some tricky men just buy a bottle of local champagne and present some fake 2-dollar jewellery telling it’s their family treasure meant only for special women and future brides. But it’s the heavy artillery in a pickup game and we never suggest to lie to your sex partner unless you’re totally out of money but too horny to admit it.
  4. Odessa girls are very, very imaginative and demanding when it comes to the sex entourage. They need accessories, decorations, creating special atmosphere and design, sheets with the heart-shaped print, massage oils, sex shop toys. Seeing all that, some men get desperate to give them what they want and simply order an escort girl who is paid hourly. It appears much cheaper than a girlfriend’s caprices and requirements. Escort girls service costs from $27 / hour, if to order through the official and verified sources. With an “honest” girl you would spend this amount for an interpreter’s service getting nothing in return!
  5. Keep yourself in shape and it will help you to avoid the money waste. If you’re fit, with well-groomed hair and face skin, shaved or trimmed everywhere you need, with a cologne touch, in good shoes, your self-confidence will skyrocket and girls will definitely sense that. No costly courtship is needed when you’re a super star! This principle works with Odessa girls too so just go on and collect your harvest.

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