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Is it safe to travel to Odessa Ukraine and meet the girls there?

The political aspect

Meeting girls in Odessa is desirable for many single westerners. However, hundreds of them are disturbed by the unstable political situation in Ukraine and have doubts whether it’s safe to travel to that nice and inexpensive resort city situated right on the seaside. Are their fears well-grounded?

We reassure you that since the 2nd of May, 2014 nothing dangerous ever happened in Odessa. And even on that tragical day, all events were rather spontaneous and localized. Despite all human losses, life came back to normal surprisingly soon. Nothing like war in Donetsk and Lugansk, ever happened in this sunny and welcoming seaport.

The airports weren’t blocked. The mass robbery of the foreigners never took place. There was no danger for tourists’ life. All is indeed calm and blossoming in this city, destined for love and vacations, not for fighting.

Odessa girls seem to avoid the political discussions as the mentality of their homeland is peaceful and festive. The majority of them are pro-Ukrainian, others are pro-Russian, but the wave of the severe confrontation is already behind and no one insists on their position to avoid any conflicts.

many gorgeous milfs in Odessa

Financial security

If you are afraid of any fraud from taxi drivers to scammers, there’s some good news as well.

The 90s were the most dangerous years both for locals and for foreigners. After the USSR fell apart, every second person on the street was a thief. After everything stabilized a bit and the next dangerous wave was from 2005 to 2010, approximately. The business of marital agencies was blossoming and taxi drivers were a part of one big scam. Everyone and everywhere tried to double charge and triple charge a foreigner.

But these bad times are behind as well. Nowadays, girls are much more serious about moving abroad and getting married to a foreigner because there’s always some danger hovering in the air from Putin and his henchmen.

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A more positive reason is that Odessa is a part of Ukraine and Ukrainians do not need visa for visiting Europe anymore. If you’re from one of European countries or consider living in Europe, it may help you a lot. Simplifying the trips and the removal process contributes a lot into successful relationship! Not to mention how much it helps you to manage your budget.

However, it’s still crucial to stay away from the fraud of any kind. Plus to the classical warnings you can find everywhere on the Internet, we would add the most actual danger: the “Donetsk fraud” on dating sites and best dating apps.Meeting girls in Odessa

It’s true that many people had to move or even be evacuated from the war zone in Ukraine. The majority of them are getting the symbolic social support from the government at the moment and certain privileges at work, but still, they have to find the new job and the new place of living by themselves.

Many girls as well as professional catfishers are using this sad situation for scamming foreigners. Girls are claiming they’re originally from Donetsk, Lugansk, Debaltsevo, or other places where military action took place. They may send you the photos of their destroyed houses and streets, or even the fabricated documents confirming they moved to Odessa or Kiev due to anti-terroristic operation in their hometown. It shouldn’t bother you. You’re not a sponsor or a volunteer, and all you have to know is that she shouldn’t ask you for money, in any case.

Real girls from the war zone will just mention that as a biography fact, without any hints or requests, and will keep on telling you in a positive manner about their current efforts to find a new place in life. They will possess modesty, pride, and hope for the better. And most probably, they will not look like one million dollar models.

Talking about models, online dating is often an extra kind of business for them, and not even the most profitable one. However, it isn’t exactly correct when it comes to Odessa. You see, in this very special city literally every girl is beautiful. It’s a question of mixed genes, as Odessa has always been an international harbour; moreover, it has actually been founded by the Greeks and Turks. Its first habitants were Jewish people, French people, Bulgarian and Moldavian people, German people, and surely Russians. Because of this crazy mix of genes and mentalities, Odessa girls are so exotic, feminine, sophisticated, healthily adventurous, and hot!

Therefore, if you want exactly a stunning model as your girlfriend, you should get one exactly in Odessa – women here born models. They don’t mind to travel across the world with you and start a new life as travelling is literally in their blood.


Is it safe to have sex in Odessa?

Odessa with its amazing beaches and modern inexpensive nightclubs is a perfect place for a vacation. No wonder it’s also a center of sex tourism in Ukraine.

There are many Internet sources offering Odessa Ukraine escorts for an affordable price. You can easily notice, that even “elite” sites have somewhat uglier girls in their database than average dating sites. It’s probably because the girls there aren’t even from Odessa: they are coming from villages and smaller towns. Life in Odessa is pretty qualitative, after all, and local girls with brains can easily find well-paid jobs, so you rarely find those smart beauties on escort sites.Odessa girls are so exotic

On another hand, it’s much more pleasant to hook up with a local girl you met in a beach nightclub of Odessa. There are dozens of them, and they are full of hot chicks coming there for some hot relax.

Let us give you some tips which categories of girls in nightclubs will most probably respond to your skilled pickup efforts.

  • Legal teens. The age of majority in Ukraine is 18 years old, not 21. Girls in Ukraine are pretty mature in comparison with Western girls, and do not look or behave like kids. They indeed look and behave like young women. At the same time, at the age of 18 – 23 they are still careless and fun, especially when a bit drunk and relaxed on a dance floor. You can easily get a young excited lover who didn’t have many partners yet, unlike the escort girls.
  • Divorced milfs. If you’re a hunter for sexy mommies in their 30s, you already know what the term milf means. Not the most gallant word, but at least an honest one. Well, to make the story short, there are many gorgeous milfs in Odessa nightclubs. Ok not all of them are even divorced, and definitely none of them is desperate but they crave some erotic attention. However, this category of easy catch likes to be courted. Buy her the most expensive cocktail and salad and she’ll be yours.
  • A girl from a girls’ company. Normally, girls from 24 to 29 are risky for you. Why? Because single girls at this age want to get married ASAP and make babies, and the rest of them are just-married so the muscled and rusty Ukrainian man is somewhere near, deadly furious and ready to kick your ass. But if this girl came with her ladyfriends without any men in their company, she may want to show them how desirable she is. She will not miss this opportunity to make them envious with your help, so just be brave and take the initiative! Start from getting her a glass of the best champagne – her less lucky colleagues will be killed by your charm and you are guaranteed lots of thankful sex. However, if there’s, for instance, her sister-in-law in this company, she’ll let you know and probably refuse.

Now you probably wonder whether all these chicks from nightclubs know what safe sex is. Yes, the level of sexual education is high in Odessa. It’s a very civilized city at the moment. But sometimes a girl is too drunk to control the situation, so you should be responsible for the process.

If you’re too uncomfortable about her other partners, just ask her a few questions about her daily life and make your own research. Young mommies with the babies rarely have an opportunity to go out and be playful with someone, so you’re one of her very few adventures at the moment. Late teens literally have their sex certificate printed on their face: if they look innocent, they are, more or less; if they have many layers of makeup, huge falsies and fake lips of a porn star, they probably are ones. Again, we do not really recommend the 24-29 y.o. Odessa girls, and another reason of that is they are in the most active search at this period so the number of their lovers is sky high.

Using all these tips and facts, you can get many hot and safe lovers in Odessa in no time.


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