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Odessa Ukraine beach girls and how to meet them

Morning beach girls

You might wonder where to find sexy model-looking Odessa girls once you get to this welcoming resort city. Some men don’t want to waste their time on long correspondence or chats on various dating apps and prefer to come directly to Odessa, Ukraine. It consists of many nice beaches, fine restaurants full of attractive girls, modern nightclubs, and other places worthy of visiting.

Odessa girls are easy to approach if to know where to meet them and how to behave with them. But let’s make it clear, there are morning beach girls and night beach girls in Odessa. Did you ever think that both types are good, in their own way?

Odessa is quickly adopting European lifestyle because it used to be an international city and now it is the touristic center of Ukraine. Jogging in the morning and walking with expensive breeds of dogs is included into this lifestyle. These morning beach girls are very fit and sexy! That’s why you should always practice your pickup skills on beaches and in the parks of Odessa. Here are some of the parks that are very busy with girls in the morning:

  • Odessa City Garden. It’s a perfect place for men who booked a hotel or an apartment right in the city center. It’s next to the main street and this little square with a fountain and branches looks very pretty. Young female students and office workers find time to jog and exercise there at 6-7 a.m. It isn’t fun for them to jog without you! And sex in the morning, as you know, is the best thing ever.
  • Park Shevchenko. It’s a huge park close to the downtown that has a long Health Track leading you to famous Arcadia. Perfect! It can become your daily pickup route! Starting from the entrance to the park with a big memorial of Taras Shevchenko, where you can meet lots of bored milfs with baby strollers, along the long alley full of sportive Odessa girls jogging and walking, right to the Arcadia beach overwhelmed with tanned beauties. Arcadia is crowded even out of the season!
  • Gorky Park. Although situated in a quiet area far away from the city center, this park is awesome. There is a cinema theatre, surprisingly called Moscow, and several picturesque cafes. Lots of girls living on the neighbourhood, are jogging there in the morning so you have good chances to get acquainted with some.
  • Park Pobedy. This title is translated as the “Victory Park”. The park is situated not so far from Arcadia beach and indeed looks majestic, but at the same time very peaceful. It’s extremely popular among yoga lovers and joggers so you will easily find a fit gorgeous single girl there.

odessa beach girls

Evening beach girls

However, not all western men are in the mood to compliment the girls’ dogs, jog with them or make efforts of other kinds. It’s more fun to meet Odessa girls in the nightclubs, and there are so many of them! We’ll tell you only about the smaller and cosier ones, as they are situated right on a beach and you can bring your beautiful trophy to the sand bed showered with the waves. Plus, you can always learn about bigger and more popular nightclubs on Tripadvisor and other similar services.

  1. Ostrov Sokrovishch / Island of Treasures, Otrada beach. This cafe-bar and a little restaurant are directly connected with the nice beach. Girls are often celebrating their personal events here with a group of friends, and single Odessa girls surely happen too. You just need to wait until they become less sober and more friendly.
  2. Assol. This nice little club looks like a true ship made of wood, and is situated right on the sand. It reminds a tavern a bit. Girls of middle class often gather there to have some beer and dance. You can check whether they speak enough English, or use some Ukrainian/Russian sentences you may have learned.
  3. Mantra Beach Club. This beach club is newer than previous ones, and is situated at the end of Arcadia alley. The music is rather relaxing than aggressive but sexy Odessa girls are dancing there day and night. This club isn’t expensive and you can always grab one or two girls and take them to your place. There are plenty of milfs with kids there as well, especially through the daytime, if that is your preference.

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How to behave with Odessa beach girls

Until now, we were talking only about average citizens of Odessa, let’s say honest girls who aren’t hunting for you but you are hunting for them and their beauty.

But there are also girls hunters on beaches and in the nightclubs, you should either watch out about them or make a deal with them. Here are the types we speak of:

  • Sugar babies. There are lots of them in luxurious nightclubs, that’s why we didn’t suggest to you any. But sugar babies happen everywhere, even on a beach. If you have some extra funds and don’t mind this kind of relationship, you can easily recognize them in the crowd. Odessa sugar babies always spend a lot of time in the gym, so they’re very fit and tanned. Unfortunately, they often have fake lips and fake tits too, as these services became available and affordable for Ukrainians lately. They behave very confidently and you should chose the cutest ones, not the vulgar ones. Cute Odessa sugar babies are indeed sweethearts and will raise your self-esteem sky high. They are best lovers and it’s easy to satisfy them, just be a sexy man and a good sponsor!
  • Escort girls. There is a thin line between sugar babies and prostitutes, and there are escort girls in a middle. They can accompany you wherever you go and add to your style with their elegance. They can also make your bedtime much more pleasant. But in any case, you will have to pay hourly for their presence. If to think practically, it isn’t very expensive as you spend the same amount on agency interpreters with “honest” girls and the double amount on sugar babies. Sugar babies demand constant shopping while escort girls already have a full wardrobe including gorgeous lingerie. Of course, it’s more pleasant to have a stable girlfriend or “make contract” with a sugar baby for 3-6 month, than to be with someone who will serve another man on the same evening. But if you are limited in funds and your hormones cannot wait, ordering an escort girl in Odessa might be a reasonable option.
  • Professional daters. This kind of hunters is tireless as well, but unfortunately, not in a sexual meaning. They are tireless when it comes to financial cheating and scamming foreign men. They have endless schemes and schedules, and you can be absolutely sure that someone else comes to “visit” them after you leave for your country, then another one and another one. However, it isn’t obligatory that you’ll lose a lot of money and get nothing: you can trick them back. First of all, play only with the girls whose moral values allow them to make love to you. Secondly, never present expensive gifts and don’t give or send big amounts of money under any circumstances: just present something small and promise bigger things in future. It will not work with sugar babies who perfectly know their self-worth but it must work with some of the professional daters. It is important not to deal with very experienced and heartless swindlers though who work in teams with bouncers and lawyers. Luckily, Odessa became much safer in this regard last odessa girl

Usual Odessa beach girls, i.e. schoolgirls and office bees, are quite innocent and shall be a bit confused by your courtship. But once you choose the correct place and timing, your polite manners and confidence will play their role and you’ll get a less naughty girl who you can spoil in your own way!

Odessa beach girls are so different and they keep on surprising western men with their openness and sexiness. Even those ones who had materialistic intentions on the beginning, are able to fall in love and express all their passion towards you. It drives American and European men crazy and makes them more addicted to stunning Ukrainian beauties. Some are good for quick hookups only and others help to create the most amazing memories about the summer fling in Odessa.

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