Odessa Ukraine restaurants

Odessa Ukraine restaurants and hot local girls

The restaurants where you can pickup single Odessa girls

As you probably know, Odessa is a sea resort city with an intensive nightlife in it. If you’re planning your vacation there, you need the list of best restaurants and a brief tutorial about the local girls. Just keep on reading this article and you will find all the answers!

The restaurants of Odessa can be divided into two categories: the ones where you can meet single Odessa girls, and the ones where you can take them to impress and seduce them! Let’s start from the first category of places.

  • Fanconi restaurant is extremely popular among Odessa girls. It is situated on the Ekaterinenskaya street. It offers delicious dishes for medium prices and has a fancy design. Female students of prestigious specialities are coming here for lunch, and some of the girls are having small parties here in the evenings. Catch your moment!
  • Mafia is an absolute leader among affordable and popular restaurants. All single girls of the middle class spend their free time here, starting from the 4 p.m. If they want to meet a female friend for a tea or a glass of wine, they come here. If they just want some sushi, they also come here, and Odessa girls eat sushi very often! There’s only one restaurant with this title in Odessa situated on Krasny Lane, although you can find several of them in Kiev.
  • Italiansky Kvartal is another stable favourite. It’s a pizzeria that looks and serves like a good restaurant. It’s actually a chain of restaurants, just like Fanconi, and two main branches are situated in the very center of the city. Let’s make it clear, Odessa girls mostly come here with their boyfriends or families, but single girls in a female company also happen from time to time. Good beer will make things go smoother!
  • Puzata Khata. It’s also a big chain but you can easily find the main branch in Europe mall on Deribasovskaya street. This self-serving cafe is called a restaurant and offers delicious Ukrainian food, but you should never invite a girl here intentionally. Although the prices aren’t low, this place isn’t considered classy or luxurious so she might be offended. However, you can come there to pickup girls who are already eating inside. There are dozens of female students and office workers, especially at lunch time and in the evening.

restaurants of Odessa

Fine restaurants where you can invite your Odessa girlfriend

Some tasks are hard to crack and some Odessa girls are hard to conquer. If you have extra funds and patience for such cases, we suggest to invite your target to one of these restaurants.

  1. All-Mezze. This interesting spacious restaurant is situated on a famous Ekaterininskaya street full of great places to visit. The food is absolutely delicious, you’ll bite your fingers even while smelling it. Prices are quite high and waiters are very snobby and arrogant so your chosen one could never enjoy it there alone. You will really surprise and please her a lot by inviting to All-Mezze.
  2. ClaraBara. Oh you will want to come back here again and again. This place in a middle of the City Garden is cozy and luxurious at the same time. Typical Odessa dishes and European cuisine, nothing too special, all is classical but extremely tasty. We bet your girl will be happy and honoured to spend time with you there. Moreover, it is perfect for visiting alone too, especially when you want to get rest between the love battles and develop your further pickup strategy!restaurant at least once.
  3. Mozart. If you or your girlfriend are sophisticated people who enjoy quality and luxury, you should try out the Mozart restaurant. Even one dessert here can lift your mood up for the whole day. Not all dishes from the menu are available and the prices are sky high, but you’ll never forget the taste of these dishes as well as your Odessa girl’s thankful kiss.
  4. Steak-house. Usually all foreigners know about this restaurant, either from the Internet or from their previous experience. It’s in a middle of the main street and usually a big fake cow colored in different colors indicates the entrance from the outside. Well it’s all about meat, salads, and wine, so if you’re a vegan, it’s not the right place for you. But Steak-house is a must for daters and a girl will consider you weird if you didn’t take her to this restaurant at least once.

coming to the restaurant

How to behave with Odessa girl in a restaurant and after

You surely aren’t coming to the restaurant just to fill your stomach. Instead, you expect to take a girl to your place after a good meal. Let’s increase your chances.

  • Body language. It has been told about million times, but people get too excited and forget this simple rule: watch the body language! Both yours and your lady’s. Show your interest by bending towards her and touching her lightly during the conversation, but do not approach too close if you aren’t lovers yet. Ukrainian girls are still a bit traditional and they like respectful men. On another hand, a girl’s body language and mimics shall always show you whether she is interested or not. Does she smile with her eyes and not only with her lips? Does she touch you lightly at least sometimes, when you discuss the most touching moments? Does she feel free sitting a bit closer to you? If the answer is yes, you’re on the right way!
  • Order generously. Of course, there are limits for any generosity. The best is to provide her the main course, the salad, the dessert, and a few drinks. The worse is to make her limit the order to the main course only or the dessert only. Then you will not get your dessert in a bed either! Everyone wants something yummy, and good attitude is important. But it’s also wrong when a girl is ordering several main courses or more than three salads. The most disappointing is when she leaves a big part of that on the table or takes it home, obviously to feed her local boyfriend. As a tourist, you surely watch out your budget so don’t let her do so, even if you hoped for sex.best restaurants
  • Drunk and sexy. If it’s the evening and you took her out for a dinner, the glass of wine or one cocktail is appropriate. If a girl isn’t your bride but a hookup material, get her more drinks. Odessa girls are usually fun and passionate, they easily lose their artificial control and boundaries when a bit drunk. Maybe you can even count on a quick sex in the WC or in another unexpected place? Some hand games under the table? Who knows! It depends on a good quality of the drinks and your overall seductive behaviour.
  • Drive her crazy. Ukrainian girls are less straightforward than American or let’s say Scandinavian girls. Delicate hints drive them crazy. When they got less sober or you have already touched intimate topics in your conversation, try following tricks. Caress the middle of her palm with the tip of your finger. Start whispering to her ear again and again instead of talking loud, and choose the moment when you could reach her ear with the tip of your tongue. It will send electric shivers all over her body! Order the creamy dessert for you two and suggest to feed her from the teaspoon, and if she accepts such an intimate gesture, use the teaspoon to softly play with her lips. We promise you very wild and satisfying sex after such tricks!
  • Raise correct topics. If you want your girl as soon as possible, don’t raise negative topics. Don’t complain about your ex-wives or girlfriends. Don’t discuss politics or high prices. Promise her everything she asks about. Advertise yourself as a very skilled lover who adores pleasing his beloved. Tell her how faithful you are. Ask her about her real dreams in life. Make her list such dreams endlessly and tell her you now keep them in mind. Show the maximum of attention and the minimum of selfishness. Very soon, usually on the same evening, you will be totally rewarded for your diplomatic efforts!

There is a joke in Ukraine: “You don’t like tomatoes? You just don’t know how to cook them”. Someone is criticizing Odessa girls? Those men simply don’t know how to seduce them! Odessa hotties can be so easy to get if you know what you are doing. Don’t miss the opportunity to use our lifehacks and get the most amazing lover you ever had.

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