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The best dating apps to meet Odessa girls

Some of the recommended apps

Odessa girls are like a magnet for foreigners, but reaching them is mostly possible through dating sites and apps. When you’re both sitting in your cosy bedrooms or living rooms after a working day, with a cup of tea or a glass of wine, what can be better than chatting and flirting online?

But a moment comes when you want to meet them in real. Which applications can provide that without any lies and disappointment? Let’s take a look at several ones.

  • Loveplanet is a popular app in Russia and Ukraine where you can find lots of girls from Odessa. You can write to anyone you like for $23.49 a month, otherwise your possibilities are limited. It’s an app literally every Ukrainian woman has on her device.
  • AnastasiaDate is a scandalous yet effective app with thousands of gorgeous Odessa women in its database. Unlike Loveplanet, it mostly consists of Ukrainian dating agencies female members. Its Silver Membership costs from $10.99 a month but the user should also purchase one of the Credit Packs. It’s rather expensive which is compensated with the quality of girls and reassurance that you can meet them in real.
  • Mamba is well-advertised and pretty cheap, also agency-free. But it has other disadvantages. The owners and administrators want to attract as many male users as possible so they use all methods for that: wrong geolocation, bots, and so on. It’s exactly the case when you pay less but also receive less.
  • Brilic is a new dating app that gains popularity among Russian and Ukrainian girls very quickly. There are plenty of Odessa women in its database already. They are attracted by the possibility to use it for free in case of turning on the ads, as well as by the growing number of respectable westerners in it. Why respectable? Because Brilic isn’t cheap: its 1-month subscription costs $89.99. Odessa girls perceive this high price as an absolute guarantee that a man can afford the ticket to Ukraine and back or invite them to his country.

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How to define whether the app cooperates with dating agencies or not?

You never know what kind of application you download until you try. Not all apps consisting of local dating agencies, are bad. In case of AnastasiaDate, it’s even an advantage. But some men had a negative experience with the agencies so they want to avoid it at all costs. These hints are for them.

  1. Glamorous photos. Many girls in Odessa look like models, and many are models. It’s a question of successfully mixed genes in Odessa people’s blood. But when you see an application gallery all consists of glamorous models and the photos are severely Photoshopped, that’s probably an agency’s work. It’s better for you that casual photos of the girls, even medium-quality selfies prevail in the app.
  2. Introduction messages. If you’re showered with messages that seem impersonal and sound immaturely romantic, those are probably introduction messages the app system sends automatically. It’s also a very common practice of the agencies who are literally fishing for you. In other apps, Odessa girl would rather say something very simple like “Hello, how are you?”
  3. Bad English. Moving abroad is a huge step that involves a lot of preparation. If a girl really considers this step, she will certainly take her time to learn English. Learning foreign languages is also connected with certain neural processes in the brain, and you don’t want a stupid girlfriend whose brain works badly. That’s why the scammers so often demonstrate bad English with terrible grammar mistakes: if they were smart, they would find another source of money and not your credit card. Odessa girls from dating agencies claim they don’t speak English at all so they will not survive the first date without an interpreter. Make your conclusions.
  4. Unclear promises. Independent girls control their own life, have concrete goals and you are one of this goals. It’s ok if they cannot predict their schedule for summer when you’re going to visit, but it’s more challenging for you to fly overseas than for her to stay home so a serious woman shall always adapt to your plans. When she gives an unclear answer each time you discuss your meeting, she’s probably just one of the puppets of the agency and she isn’t responsible for her own actions.

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How to seduce Odessa girl in the app before you even meet

Internet is a great tool, it lets us do things on a distance. You can order a pizza, book an airline ticket, get a consultation of a specialist online, but also you can seduce a girl. It’s much more pleasant and useful to make her have a crush on you in advance than to find her cold and ignorant when you arrive. Odessa girls have their own secrets that you should also know.

  • They are very sensual lovers although they avoid perverts of all kinds. Never, ever lick your lips in front of her intentionally, it looks very vulgar and silly. It’s important to find a correct way to express your passion and desire. It should be very direct yet flattering, intelligent, and sophisticated. For example, tell her: “You’re a magnificent goddess of beauty and sex!”
  • Odessa girls adore courtship not obligatory being materialistic in a bad sense of this word. The gifts delivery through the dating app is certainly expensive, but if she trusts you enough to give her real address, you can get her flowers or balloons via the city delivery and it’ll cost you up to 10 dollars.
  • Frank gifts aren’t always a good idea. Women over 30 will certainly like lingerie as a gift, but young Odessa girls may think it’s weird and too forward. Start from a hand cream or a lipstick, it’s already a slightly intimate hint and then you can proceed with bigger ones.
  • Supportive words are your weapon number one. Ask her on the beginning who her closest relative is, maybe her child or one of her parents. Starting from this first day, always ask her about this person. Promise her to always support her child or her mom when you two are together. Prove this with your actions from time to time. Very soon, her heart will melt! When you come to see her, she’ll be so warm, welcoming, and so ready.
  • Tell her you’re a therapist. Odessa girls care very much about their health. Fitness and yoga centers, vegan food and raw eating, alternative medicine are very popular there. If you let her know from the beginning healing people is your hobby and you have been studying massage and various practices for years, it will not look strange that you want to massage her legs, her tense shoulders or forearms. It’s a good trick to start enjoying her marvellous body from the very first moments of meeting in real!

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How to analyze reviews on the apps

There are literally hundreds of dating apps where you can find Odessa girls, and the number is growing every day. So how to make sure you chose a good one? Always read other users’ reviews in advance. Find them on several different sources and compare, but be reasonable in your conclusions.

  1. Don’t easily believe to all the critics you read. Remember, negative men may have this kind of attitude in general and think equally bad things about their local women and any foreign women. They tend to generalize too much, they are overly suspicious and fearful, and their advice is basically to hate the whole world.
  2. Pay your attention to success stories. There should be some if the app is genuine. Search for them outside of the app official page, on independent sources, and make sure these positive reviews aren’t sponsored. The best way is that you can find FB accounts of the couple and see their wedding photos or at least common photos.
  3. The number of subscribers isn’t the main factor. There are lots of apps that gather millions of members but a big part of them are either bots or inactive users. It’s more important how intensively Odessa girls respond to your messages and how real they sound. Sweet words, for example, can be a sign that you’re talking to a catfisher. Neutral conversation is more realistic. Usually a trial period is enough to investigate this point.
  4. Calculate the average rating. For example, if the app is rated 5 stars on one Internet source and 3 stars on another, the average is 4 stars which isn’t bad. But if several different sources give it 2-3 stars only, it probably isn’t worthy of your attention.

Finding the most gorgeous Odessa girl on dating apps isn’t difficult. It’s more difficult not to get addicted to her beauty. But you are going to learn all nuances with time and become a pro in dating and pickup.



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